Moving Companies in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Moving to the Parkersburg, WV area?

U-Pack Moving can move you to the Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, WV-OH area. It's easy and it's affordable. With the Ohio River as a backdrop, you'll find that the picturesque towns in this area of West Virginia are a beautiful place to raise a family.  With activities available like golfing, fishing, walking trails, riverboats, shopping and museums, you can't go wrong moving to Marietta, Parkersburg, Vienna and the surrounding area.

The ABF U-Pack service center for this area is conveniently located just next door in Belpre, OH. With U-Pack, you can do a door-to-door move, or you can save even more money by loading or unloading at our local service center. 

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Things to see if you're moving to the Parkersburg/Marietta/Belpree area:

  • Visit the Fenton Art Glass Company

  • Explore Historic and Haunted Downtown Marietta with a Ghost Trek

  • Take a horse drawn carriage ride.

  • Visit the Blennerhassett Museum

  • Visit the Childrens Toy and Doll Museum

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