Moving Compaines in Charleston, West Virginia

Options for moving from Charleston

Many notable people have called “Charlie West” home — explorer Daniel Boone, actress Jennifer Garner, civil rights leader Booker T. Washington, and you! But if you’re ready to call a new place home, then you need to find a moving company who can help. U-Pack® has a service center just outside of town in Nitro, and we also service all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re moving, U-Pack can get you there.

How does it work? We bring you either a moving container or trailer to your home in West Virginia. You load everything and then we handle all of the transportation to your new home in another state. Whether it’s next door to Kentucky or across the country, we deliver your belongings door to door. You don’t have to drive or pay for fuel, which saves you time and money. If you want to save even more on your move, we have options like loading at a service center, which can help cut costs. Get a free moving quote online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to learn more.

Enjoy Charleston before you move

Take some time to explore everything that Charleston has to offer before you call somewhere else home. These top attractions aren’t just for visitors!

Tour the state capitol

The West Virginia capitol building is the highest capitol dome in the country. If you haven’t been inside (or if it’s been since your school field trip), take advantage of the free tours. Call the Tours and Information office to plan your visit. Or go walk around the admire the beauty — it’s open every day to the public.

Explore the Clay Center with the family

The Clay Center has multiple floors full of exciting exhibits, from art to discovery including the ElectricSky™ Theater planetarium. It’s fun for all ages! If you’re looking for a great evening to take a break from packing, there are unique events happening multiple nights a week, like music performances, classes, lectures and more.

Get some fresh air at Kanawha State Forest

Head just south of town to this huge 9,300-acre forest which has something for every interest. If you want to escape the stress, you can go camping, or take the kids to the playground to run off some energy. Or get in some activity before hitting the road on the hiking or biking trails. It’s free to go explore!

Learn about the Mountain State

Visit the West Virginia State Museum at The Culture Center to see the collections showcasing artifacts from the state’s people, land and industries. The collection was started in 1890 by the State House and has grown to include pieces from all geographic regions featuring art, culture, archaeology and more.

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