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Moving to Providence, RI for the Industrial Revolution
Ok, so you might be a little late.  In 1787, the first spinning jenny was built in Providence. This was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is known for its production of textile, metal products, electronics and chemicals. Not to mention the over 1,000 manufactures that produce finished jewelry and jewelry parts.

Moving to Providence with U-Pack®
While U-Pack wasn't around during the industrial revolution, we do have friendly and helpful customer service, which is backed up by more than 80 years of experience in the trucking industry and a nationwide coverage area.  

Here's how moving to Providence with U-Pack Moving works:
- U-Pack delivers a moving trailer or ReloCube® to your home.
- You load.
- Your belongings are delivered to your new home in Providence.
- You unload.

Fuel, taxes and the driver are included in every U-Pack quote.

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