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Moving to Montreal, QC?

If you are moving to “The City of Saints”, you are in for a treat! Montreal, Quebec is a wonderful place to call home. Let’s explore some of what makes moving to Montreal so special.

Accessibility. Montreal is so accessible. There are 600 daily flights in and out of the airport, as well as plenty of public transit including the metro, trains, and buses. If you prefer to push the pedals, there are 279 miles of bike trails connecting local landmarks as well.

Did you know? Each metro station is unique, featuring public artwork, many by renowned local artists.

Population. As the 15th largest city in North America, there are 1.6 million people in Montreal, and 3.8 million in the metro area. This big population means there are endless opportunities for anything you can imagine in Montreal.

Bilingual. While French is the official language of Montreal, 56% of residents are fluent in both French and English, with almost everyone knowing some of both languages. You will have the opportunity to brush up on your French after moving to Montreal.

Culture. Montreal is called “Canada’s Culture Capital” and it delivers! You can enjoy jazz, rock, concerts, theater, dance, festivals, and more!

Varied areas. Montreal is home to 19 boroughs, which are broken into smaller neighborhoods, each with its own character and personality. You are sure to find the area that fits you best.

Education. If you are seeking higher education after moving to Montreal, you won’t be alone! In fact, Montreal has the highest concentration of post-secondary students in North America, with 4.38 students per every 100 residents.

Religion. Montreal has been called the city of a hundred steeples! Mark Twain even noted upon visiting that you couldn’t throw a brick without hitting a church window! Whatever your religious affiliation, you are sure to find a religious institution fitting your needs.

Sports. Sports fans will love living in Montreal! You can cheer on the Canadians (hockey), Alouettes (Canadian Football league), and Impact (soccer).

Moving to Montreal the easy and affordable way!

Moving to Montreal might seem like a daunting task. Not only do you have to pack, load, and travel, but if you are moving from the U.S. to Montreal, you also have to navigate Customs and lots of paperwork. U-Pack® makes moving to Montreal simple. We make countless moves in and out of Canada each year, and we know all the requirements. With U-Pack, a move to Montreal works like this:

  • We bring you a moving trailer to your door.
  • You pack it up full of your belongings.
  • We drive it to Montreal. Your items move “in bond” with us, meaning you don’t have to be with them at the border.
  • You clear your items with customs at the local service center.
  • We deliver your stuff right to your door in Montreal after your items are cleared.
  • You unload.

And U-Pack is affordable, too! Our rates are based on the space you use, so you control the cost by controlling how much you move! Get a free moving quote to see how much your U-Pack move to Montreal would cost!

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