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Let U-Pack Simplify Your Long-Distance Move from Montreal 

Rich in history and cultural diversity, Montreal is truly a world-class location. The province of Quebec is only a 45-minute drive from upstate New York and has so much to offer that you’d never have to leave. But if you’re planning to move on from The City of Saints, start a smooth transition with U-Pack.® 

What we offer is a blend of full-service and do-it-yourself moving — you load into our equipment while we provide a professional driver who delivers it to your new home. And with our vast service center network, we can ship your belongings to just about anywhere in U.S. in 4-6 business days.

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What will you miss most about Montreal?  

Montreal is a source of year-round fun and inspiration through the arts and cultural enrichment. Which of these essential experiences have you enjoyed? 

Old Montreal 

The cultural hub and site of the original city of Montreal blends old with new. It features classic European architecture, cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and notable sites like the Basilique Notre-Dame (a church built in 1824 that can hold 3,200 worshippers). 

Parc du Mont-Royal 

Get the best view in the city atop this 761-foot hill in central Montreal. 

Barbie Expo 

Check out the world’s largest permanent collection of Barbie dolls — for free. Many of the 1,000-plus dolls in the exhibit are decked out in designer clothes. The collection even includes celebrity- and movie-themed Barbies.  

Museum of Archaeology and History 

This is a great starting point for learning about Montreal’s history. For a unique perspective, take the elevator underground to explore the foundations of the city’s original 17th century settlement, unearthed during an archaeological dig. 

The Underground City 

Air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter, this sprawling network of connected subterranean tunnels runs through the downtown area. It contains a web of passageways to reach restaurants, malls and other downtown attractions. More than a half-million people reportedly use it daily. 

The Biodome 

Originally built for the judo and cycling events of the 1976 Summer Olympics, the Biodome houses over 200 species of animals and 500 different plant species. You can even see a collection of penguins unique to Canada. 

Sugar shacks 

Maple tree sap is thawed and boiled down into maple syrup each year from February to April. This festive tradition is often are accompanied by food, live music and family entertainment. 


Montreal is renowned for annual events like Just for Laughs (the world’s largest comedy festival), the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival and the Montreal Fireworks Festival. 


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