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Moving to Granby, QC

If you’re moving to Granby, you’ll find a quaint, comfortable city with a lot to offer residents. Since Granby is located close to both Montreal and Ottawa, you'll experience the benefits of both small-town and big-city living.

Fun things to do when you’re moving to Granby

When you get to Granby, Quebec you'll find the city has plenty of interesting activities to entertain its residents. For example, at the Granby Zoo, visitors get much more than a look at animals – there are rides, shows and a water park to add a little extra fun. And, if you feel exceptionally adventurous, check out "The Zoo at Night."

Moving to Granby also means a lot of festivals to enjoy, such as the Granby Song Festival. It’s an annual competition for musicians. And, if you like costumes, check out the Granby Mascot Festival, full of dance, theater, a circus, and, you guessed it, mascots. Last, but certainly not least, is the Giant Omelet Get Together. Every year on June 24, chefs from seven French-speaking cities gather to make the largest omelet they can. And who knows? Maybe they'll even let you taste it!

Getting the best prices from Granby moving companies

If you're moving to Granby from the U.S., and your goal is to find the easiest, most affordable way to move, U-Pack® is a great solution. U-Pack delivers a moving trailer right to your door for loading. Then, we drive to the service center in Granby. You clear your items at the local Canadian customs office, then U-Pack delivers right to your door for unloading.

U-Pack is an easy way to move to Granby. For more information about crossing the border, including documentation requirements, BSF186 and BSF186A download links, and more helpful tips, read the Moving to Canada from the U.S. guide on the U-Pack website.

Get a free moving quote today and compare to other Granby moving companies.

Easy ways to save money moving to Granby

Besides downsizing, the easiest way to save money moving to Granby is to move on an "off-peak" moving date. The middle of the week is typically the cheapest time to have your moving trailer delivered. It also helps to avoid moving at the end of the month or around the holidays.

If saving money on your move is a really big deal, you can also load your belongings into the moving trailer at your origin service center, then unload at the Granby service center.

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