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U-Pack Can Make Your Move Out of Reading Easy

Preparing to move from Reading, Pennsylvania? With its industrial roots, Reading is a city that has a unique history and offers small-town charm with the pleasures of big-city life. It’s also close to other metros like Baltimore and Philadelphia, so you’ve been able to and from those areas with ease. While it’s been great living here, new adventures await elsewhere. Let U-Pack® help!

With nationwide coverage, we’re equipped to help you move nearly anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. And our transit times average 4-6 business days. Start your move from Reading with a free online quote.

What to Do in Reading

There are lots of things to do and see in Reading. Spend the day exploring your hometown one more time:

Have a lake day

And why not do it at Antietam Lake? More than 600 acres of lush parklands surrounds this lake, located about 13 miles from Reading. Antietam Lake affords a pleasant backdrop for hiking, biking, fishing, a family picnic, or just to enjoy the outdoors.

Check out Daniel Boone’s Homestead

Explore the birthplace and boyhood home of famed frontiersman Daniel Boone. The site features exhibits and artifacts that depict life in the early 18th century. Live out a day in the life of Boone’s youth and others who lived on the site at the time. Learn about their experiences and see original tools, furniture and fixtures that people used during that era.

Have fun at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

See fully restored and functional military and civilian aircraft from various periods of aviation. Learn some of the history of the planes’ features, and even take a ride in the vintage North American SNJ, which is a Navy version of the military biplanes used in World War II.

Have a laugh at the Reading Comedy Outlet

This venue is a popular weekend hangout for locals and visitors alike. While the venue’s stage does see its fair share of well-known touring comedians, some nights are reserved for open mic shows, which gives community members a chance to show off their comedy chops. Let loose and laugh before you leave!

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