Moving Companies in Oaks, PA

How to Move from Oaks, Pennsylvania

Oaks is an unincorporated town located 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a population of about 800, it’s a community where you consider everyone your neighbor. Plus, the rich history and small-town appeal make it a unique place to live. But if opportunities are awaiting you elsewhere, you’ll need a moving service to help you get there.

U-Pack® is a self-move company with services and prices comparable to truck rental. But the best part? You don’t have to drive! All you need to do is pack and load the moving equipment, and we’ll handle the transportation. Transit times average 4-6 business days. See how much moving from Oaks will cost with a free instant quote, or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077. Our local service center handles moves across the area, including in Norristown

Take a look at our coverage map to find locations near your new hometown. 

3 Fun Things to do in Oaks

Make memories before you go. Be sure to visit:

  • Arnold’s Family Fun Center. At over 250,000 square feet, this is the area’s largest entertainment center. It features Go-Karts, a carousel, bounce houses, bowling, arcade games, laser tag and more! It’s the perfect place to spend time having fun with the family.  
  • American Treasure Tour Museum. This collection of pop-cultural treasures is a hidden gem. It includes the world’s largest slinky, a variety of class cars and anything and everything you can think of.  
  • Valley Forge National Park. If you’ve never toured the Valley Forge National Park, now’s the time. It’s a true historical site that currently hosts year-round events like The Valley Forge Revolutionary Run.  

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