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Easy Long-Distance Moves from Chester 

Pennsylvania’s oldest city offers something for just about everyone, from historic locations to professional soccer along the waterfront and bustling Philadelphia just 20 minutes away. But if your time in Chester is almost up and you’re planning a long-distance move, you’ll need a safe, reliable option for getting to your new home. 

U-Pack® provides that. You can focus on the most important parts of your move — packing and loading — while we handle the driving. Learn more about how U-Pack works, then check out the locations in our nationwide network to find a service center near you.  


A Prominent Place in U.S. History 

Chester (population 34,000) is situated along the Delaware River in southeastern Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del. Originally settled by Swedes, William Penn acquired the town in 1682 and renamed it Chester, after Chester, England. 

Historic Sites 

Chester is home to five nationally registered historic places: 

  • William Penn Landing Site – This stone monument marks the spot of William Penn’s first landing in Pennsylvania territory in 1682. 

  • 1724 Chester Courthouse – At 2½ stories tall with 2-foot-thick walls, it’s the oldest public building still standing in the U.S.

  • Chester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company – Currently an office building, the complex was once a coal-fired power station, with the original section built in 1916. 

  • Delaware County National Bank – This served as the headquarters of Delaware County National Bank from its completion in 1884 to 1930.  

  • Old Main and Chemistry Building – These connected buildings on the campus of Widener University were built in 1867 and 1883, respectively. 


Getting Out and About in Nature

Need some fresh air and a break from moving prep? Head to Ridley Creek State Park for fishing, hiking, cycling or paddling. Visit Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation for a glimpse of late-1700s farm life. Or, enjoy strolling among the beautiful flora and fauna on the grounds of the John J. Tyler Arboretum. 


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