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Moving Companies in Kitchener, Ontario

Moving Companies in Kitchener, Ontario

Are you moving to Kitchener, Ontario?

Canada is a country with many beautiful cities that offer a comfortable lifestyle for its residents. Kitchener is one of the best of those places. Nestled in the providence of Ontario, the City of Kitchener was originally the Town of Berlin, but ultimately took on its current name in 1916. For many years, the town has been a trend setter in popular culture. They can even claim to be the first place in the world with a blue box recycling program, which has gone on to be a standard for 40 million households around the globe. There are many reasons to recommend moving to Kitchener, so make it your home today!

What is the weather like in Kitchener?

Of all the cities to live in for Canada, Kitchener definitely has one of the more agreeable climates. While it does have plenty of snowfall every year, often northwards of 60 inches, the highs are only below freezing a couple months of the year. Springs and falls are typically comfortable in the 50s, while summers are enjoyable in the upper 70s. The city also gets plenty of rainfall, as well. Each year, an average of 30 inches falls in Kitchener. Precipitation is spread out over about 166 days annually. For fans of humid climates, Kitchener has an average of 87.8 percentage humidity, which can be very comfortable and health-assisting at their often-comfortable temperatures.

What is the economy like in Kitchener?

Manufacturing and industry have a hold on the Kitchener economy. Over 20 percent of the labor force of Kitchener works in manufacturing. Historic buildings and artifacts are located throughout the city, as well, which celebrates their heritage in the trade. Digital media and health science are recent additions to the town’s vibrant economic life, while finance and insurance are also internationally known for their excellence. The city’s downtown area has recently been revitalized with local businesses, as well. In particular, the famers’ market was reincarnated in 2004, in the tradition of previous incarnations of one of the oldest markets in Canada. This helps supports local vendors, cuisines, crafters, artisans, and producers. Kitchener is also home to the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, which opened in 2009 and helps to further fuel jobs in the city.

What is the culture like in Kitchener?

There are many festivals and events that help to bolster the cultural scene in Kitchener, which is very unique amongst all cities. Besides annual highlights like The Open Ears Festival and the Kitchener Blues Festival, undoubtedly the main event each season is the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. The nine-day celebration is the largest of its kind outside of the country of Germany. Also called “Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival,” every October there are many events including beer-based celebrations, the Miss Oktoberfest pageant, and a major, televised parade for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Another popular annual event is the KOI Music Festival, which is held for three days in September of every year. Since 2010, there is a free concert on the first day, Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday boast full-day performances. Among the many artists that have appeared includes Every Time I Die, Chiodos, Four Year Strong, Mad Caddies and The Planet Smashers.

Nature lovers also have a haven in the city. Victoria Park is situated in downtown Kitchener with its bronze statue of Queen Victoria the anchor of the area. The Rockaway Gardens and adjacent golf course are also popular spots, as is the nearby Grand River.

What are the demographics of Kitchener?

One particularly interesting aspect of Kitchener is its amazing cross-section of different European cultures. When you look at the percentage divide of different European backgrounds, Germans make up the bulk with 25 percent, followed by English with 22 percent and Irish and Scottish with 15 percent a peace. French, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italians also have significant representation in the Kitchener population. About 15 percent of the population is a “visible minority,” and this section of the city’s people includes African Americans, Asians and Latin Americans.

Protestants make up the most of the town’s religious affiliations, with more than 40 percent claiming that path, while Roman Catholics represent over 30 percent of the city. Other Christian sects, including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness and Eastern Orthodox have about five percent of the population. Close to sixteen percent of Kitchener does not claim a religion, but there are also groups of Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists found in the city.

Your upcoming move to Kitchener

If you’re ready to start your adventure in Kitchener, U-Pack® is ready to help you get there. We’ll take care of the driving. You just pack, load, and unload after delivery. You don’t have to meet U-Pack at the border, either. You’ll clear your items after they arrive in Canada, which is much more convenient. Explore our coverage map to find the service center near you. 

Welcome to beautiful Kitchener, Ontario!

With such a diverse population, incredible culture and great weather, why wouldn’t you want to make Kitchener your Canadian home! Pack your bags today!


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