Moving Companies in Tulsa, OK

Leaving Tulsa

Did you know Tulsa is one of the largest cities in the country? It’s true! This Oklahoma city ranks No. 46, with almost 1 million people calling the greater Tulsa area home. It is considered "The Oil Capital of the World" and the area’s job opportunities have expanded into the energy, finance, aviation, telecommunications, and technology sectors. It’s a city with a rich history and a promising future. It has a strong economy, good schools and lots of things to do and see! But, new opportunities await you elsewhere! And no matter where you’re going, U-Pack® can help get you there.

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Fast Facts About Tulsa

Your hometown means a lot to you! Use these facts to tell all your new friends, co-workers and neighbors about Tulsa:

  • Tulsa was first settled in the 1820s by the Creek Native American Tribe.
  • It’s the birthplace of Route 66, with many road trips beginning right here.
  • Tulsa has 15 different colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning. 
  • A short list of stars who claim Tulsa as home: actors Mary Kay Place and Bill Hader, musicians Leon Russell and Garth Brooks, actress/politician Sheila Huehl, and author S.E.Hinton.

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