Zanesville, OH

The Zanesville, OH terminal is closed. The Columbus, OH terminal now delivers to the areas previously serviced by the Zanesville terminal.

Moving to Historical Zanesville, OH
If you're thinking of moving to the Zanesville, Ohio area, U-Pack Moving® can get you there. You can look forward to the proud tradition of Middle America to offer warm welcomes, friendly spirit and the hospitality of the heartland.  Zanesville also has a rich history dating back to the late 1790's. 

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More about Moving to Zanesville, OH
Did you know that ceramic tile and art pottery are an important part of the heritage and economy of the Zanesville community?  The city has become known as the "Pottery Capital of the World" and the "Clay City." The production of pottery still makes Muskingum County a destination point for visitors from all over the world.  To learn more about Zanesville, visit the Zanesville-Muskingum Convention and Visitors Bureau and or the City of Zanesville website. 

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