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Moving to Toledo, OH?​

It's the city with the 4th highest population in Ohio. Toledo sits on the Maumee River just south of the Michigan boarder.

The city of Toledo is known for a variety of attractions. At the Toledo Museum of Art, you'll find the Glass Pavilion, a beautiful structure that houses a priceless collection of glass art. This is a big deal since Toledo is known as the "Glass City", due in part to its long history with glass - many major glass companies started in Toledo and are still important to the city's economy. Glass is just the beginning though. You can also enjoy the Toledo Opera, the Toledo Symphony and the Toledo Ballet.

More the outdoor, adventurous type? Visit the Toledo Zoo, known as being one of the world's most complete zoos. Then, explore your adventurous side at Cedar Point - the #1 rated amusement park in the world (and it has more roller coasters than any amusement park in the world). After you're done with the roller coasters, you can enjoy some of the over 100 parks in the area and fish on the Maumee River or Lake Erie. 

Whatever you do, if you're moving to Toledo, have fun!​

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