Moving Companies in Conneaut, OH

Moving Out of Conneaut

Conneaut is a small industrial community in northeastern Ohio. Conneaut has been a great place to call home, but if you’re moving soon and need to find a company to help, consider U-Pack®!

No matter where you’re headed, U-Pack can get you there. With our nationwide network, we can move you to just about anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. Take a look at our coverage map to find a service center near your new location.

Having Fun in the Conneaut Area

Take a break from packing and get out and explore Conneaut once more before leaving! Here are some ideas:

  • Visit the Conneaut Historical Railroad Museum. Want a little taste of some local history? Check out this super cool facility dedicated to the history of rail travel in the area. Learn the story of American railroading and see artifacts of the industry’s past and present.
  • Take the family out for a day in the park. If you’ve had enough of packing paper, boxes and tape, grab the family and take a breather at Conneaut Township Park. This nearly 60-acre park features picturesque views of Lake Erie and has sandy beaches galore. Enjoy the playgrounds, basketball, volleyball and bocce courts, soccer fields and more!
  • Check out a race at Raceway 7. Fan of dirt track racing? You’ll love the stock car races at Raceway 7 in Conneaut. Located on Route 7, south of I-90, the dirt track races held at this venue are a Conneaut tradition. Races take place every Friday night from May to September, weather permitting. The races feature a variety of vehicles from street stock cars to mini stock models, and it’s fun for the whole family!

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