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Moving Companies in Cincinnati, OH

Moving Companies in Cincinnati, OH

Moving to the Cincinnati, Ohio area?
You'll be blown away by what Cincinnati has to offer. The city's wonders range from its impressive skyline to its unforgettable cuisines. It has first class museums and even an internationally recognized symphony. You're sure to love it there. What else makes Cincinnati a great hometown? Let’s explore.

  • The Cincinnati Reds were America's first major league baseball team.
  • Cincinnati was named the "Best City for Seniors" by Sperling's Best Places.
  • Cincinnati was named among the healthiest cities by Men's Magazine.
  • The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati.
  • Cincinnati had the first professional fire department.
  • Cincinnati has a population of 296.943, with a total of 2.1 million people in the metro area.
  • The Metro area covers the Ohio River valley, including counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It is sometimes called the Cincinnati-Middletown-Wilmington area.
  • Fun annual events include the Flying Pig Marathon, Ohio Valley Jazz Festival, and more!
  • Over-the-Rhine is a historical neighborhood north of downtown featuring the largest collection of Italianate architecture.
  • Cincinnati has some unique cuisine. All around town you will find their own unique style of chili, featuring spices such as cinnamon and chocolate. This chili is served over spaghetti, and can be topped with cheese, onions, and beans.
  • There are nine Fortune 500 companies and 15 Fortune 1000 companies located here, meaning great job opportunities for you after moving to Cincinnati.
  • If you are children in school, they will have the opportunity to attend Cincinnati Public Schools, which has over 16 high schools. However, there are many private schools to choose from. In fact, Cincinnati has the second-highest rate of private schooled children in the country.
  • If you are seeking a degree after moving, check out the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Miami University. There are also many private institutions around the metro area.

Moving to Cincinnati with U-Pack
Make moving to Cincinnati easy and affordable. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack and see how much you'll save! You don't have to drive a rental truck and you don't have to pay the high prices some Cincinnati moving companies charge. Let U-Pack make your move easy and stress free so you can start enjoying all that Cincinnati has to offer! How does U-Pack work?

  • We bring you a moving trailer or moving container.
  • You load it full of your stuff, paying only for the space you use.
  • We do all the driving! We deliver it right to your door in Cincinnati.
  • You unload!

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If you are a student moving to Ohio, check out the ReloCube®. It fits in a standard parking space (ideal for busy dorms or apartments), and holds the contents of a studio apartment. Don’t worry about parking a rental truck on campus or on the street, just go U-Pack! 

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If we are not able to provide door-to-door delivery to your city near West Chester, OH, you can save money by loading or unloading at the service center conveniently located in West Chester, OH. If you have questions about serviceability to your location, please call us at 800-240-7422, and a U-Pack Moving Consultant will gladly help.

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