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Rolling Out of Akron? Do it the Easy Way

Known as both the “Rubber Capital of the World” and the “City of Invention,” Akron is a city rich in manufacturing history, ingenuity and cultural significance. The fifth largest city in Ohio (with a population of just under 200,000) sits in the northeast corner, 30 minutes south of Cleveland.

Akron is the global headquarters of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and a three-time recipient of the All-America City Award. Living here has been an unforgettable adventure, but the time has come to explore new opportunities in a different city. How will you get there?

Consider U-Pack®, the easiest and most cost-effective way to move long distance. You get many of the elements of a full-service move at a DIY price. And with more than 240 service centers nationwide – including one in neighboring Kent — help is never far away.

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Akronite Facts

Entertain and educate new friends with these interesting facts about Akron:

  • Along with rubber and tire manufacturing, Akron was once a center of airship development (i.e. the Goodyear Blimp).
  • Akron is where Charles E. Menches is credited for inventing the ice cream cone in 1904. Menches is also noted for inventing candy-coated peanuts and popcorn, along with the hamburger.
  • Akron is the birthplace of Quaker Oats, which started as a cereal at the General Mills American Cereal Company in 1877.
  • Basketball superstar LeBron James was born and raised in Akron.
  • The Akron Toy Company was the first mass-production toy company in the U.S. It's only product? Clay marbles.
  • Akron is the founding location of BF Goodrich, one of the country's first tire manufacturers, and Goodyear. Firestone Tires was based in Akron before being sold and moved to Chicago.
  • Akron has been the home of the Soap Box Derby since 1934.
  • The University of Akron is the only college in the country to offer a degree in Corrosive Engineering.


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