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Moving from Kinston, North Carolina

Kinston is a small city with big opportunities. The economy is robust, with a diverse workforce spanning across the primary industries of education, health care, manufacturing, and retail. There’s also plenty of entertainment and dining options, making the city a great place to live and work. But if the time has come to leave this North Carolina city for somewhere new, U-Pack® can help.

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U-Pack services all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. So no matter where you’re going, we can get you there! And for most locations, our transit times average just 4-6 business days. Learn more about how U-Pack works.

Things To Do in Kinston Before You Go

From museums to historic home tours, sporting events, outdoor activities, or great dining options, Kinston has a lot to offer. If you need a break from packing or unpacking, why not get out and enjoy Kinston? Here are some top attractions:

Harmony Hall

This historic home was built in 1772 and used initially as a residence, but has also served as a Civil War Hospital, a public library, a Women’s Club, and a location for government offices. Today, it’s been restored to its form as a turn of the century home, complete with furniture, fixtures and relics from the era. You can tour the historic mansion and learn about its great history.

Neuseway Nature Park

The kids will love roaming around Neuseway Nature Park! See the facility’s planetarium, the hands-on exhibits at the science and health museum, and the animals and other species at the nature center.

CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center

Take the family to this neat exhibit located off of Queen Street in Kinston. Visitors can tour the remains of the steam-powered, iron-clad CSS Neuse, a warship used by the Confederate Navy in the Civil War. Learn the history of the ship’s use in the war and learn about other historical artifacts related to the Civil War in the area.

Local public golf courses

Play a round solo or with a group at one of the many local public golf courses the Kinston area has to offer. Golfing is a great way to get you out of the house and away from packing. Enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!


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