Moving Companies in Lincoln, NE

Leaving Lincoln

The capital of Nebraska has come a long way from its early pioneering roots. Today, Lincoln is bustling with business, education and entertainment opportunities. If you’re like many people planning a move, part of you is sad to say goodbye, but another part of you is ready to see what comes next! U-Pack® is here to help you start that new journey.

With more than 240 service centers across the country, we can help you move to almost anywhere. Heading to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or Puerto Rico? We service those areas, too!

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Start your long-distance move from Lincoln with a free online quote. All estimates include the cost of the driver, fuel and standard liability coverage.  

Explore Your State Capital

Discover some of the places that make Lincoln so unique:  

Sunken Gardens

Lily ponds, waterfalls and more than 30,000 plants make Sunken Gardens one of the best gardens in Nebraska. Stroll through this beautiful botanical utopia during all seasons for a peaceful experience.

Sheldon Museum of Art

The American Alliance of Museums has recognized the Sheldon Museum as one of the country’s best. View more than 13,000 works of early Modernism, geometric abstraction, contemporary art, and more.

University of Nebraska State Museum

Explore Nebraska’s history through state-of-the-art dioramas and exhibits. Find out what bizarre beasts lived in the past and which ones still exist today. This museum also houses the world’s finest collection of elephant fossils.

Mueller Planetarium

Become an astronaut at Mueller Planetarium! Recline in theater seats and gaze up to enter a different world. Shows themes include the Nebraska night sky, weather mysteries, outer space tours, and more!  

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