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Moving from Meridian

In East Central Mississippi is the small historic town of Meridian. With its unique history, military roots and beautiful natural surroundings, Meridian has been a fantastic place to learn, work and live. But now the time has come to move out of state, and you need some help. Choose U-Pack®!

Whether you’re a civilian or military member who’s moving, U-Pack can help. Our DIY service is convenient, affordable and allows you to be in control of the process from start to finish. And because of our nationwide coverage, we can move you to almost anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. Read more about how U-Pack works and then get a free online quote.

Making Meridian Memories

Leave town with memories that will always remind you of Meridian. Fun ideas:

  • Tour the one-of-kind Around Town Carousels Abound art exhibit, which features 60 carousel horses randomly displayed throughout town
  • Take a ride on the Dentzel Carousel, a National Historic Landmark that’s been in operation since 1909
  • Attend a play, concert or other live show at the historic Temple Theater
  • View a man-made 65-foot waterfall at Dunn’s Falls in nearby Enterprise
  • Go hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and kayaking at Bonita Lakes
  • Cool off at Geyser Falls, one of Mississippi’s top-rated water parks

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