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Mason gives a family farm feeling while still being close to all the amenities of big city life in Lansing, Michigan. This small town boasts that it’s growing from the inside out, maintaining the small community charm while growing to fit the needs of residents. And while you’ve enjoyed living here, is it time for a new place to call home? To move from Mason, you need a moving company that covers your area. U-Pack provides door-to-door service in Mason, and also in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, U-Pack can help! With a service center in Mason, which handles moves in the area including Lansing, we are able to assist with moves in or out of the area. Explore our coverage area here.

Facts about Mason

No matter how long you’ve lived here, you may not know these interesting things about Mason:

  • It was named after the state’s first governor, Stevens T. Mason.
  • It’s the only city in the country that is a county seat ahead of the state capital. While it is the seat of Ingham County, many county offices are located in nearby Lansing.
  • Scenes from the movie Real Steel were filmed in the Ingham County Courthouse.
  • The Dart Container Corporation is the largest manufacturer of foam cups and containers.

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