Moving Companies in Hagerstown, MD

Moving from Hagerstown

Moving from Hagerstown, Maryland, means leaving behind all the familiar people and places you’ve grown to love. But new adventures and opportunities await in your new city, and U-Pack® is ready to help you get there!

U-Pack is an affordable DIY service. We offer door-to-door delivery to make moving across the country easy and convenient. And with more 240 service centers in our network, we can move you to just about anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Learn more about using U-Pack services, and then get a free online quote to start the process.

Experience Hagerstown History

If you don’t know much about your hometown’s past, you’re missing out. Before you leave, take time to learn about Hagerstown’s history at one of the many historical sites. Popular locations include the Hager House, the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

If you love architecture, you’ll marvel at the more than 21 historic stone-arch bridges in the area. The oldest and largest of the bridges — the Wilson Bridge — is 210 feet long and 200 years old. You can also walk through one of the oldest and largest burial grounds in the area, Rose Hill Cemetery. The cemetery’s Statue of Hope marks the final resting place for 2,468 Confederate soldiers.


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