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Living in Kentucky’s largest city has been incredible. But the time has come to head somewhere new, and U-Pack® is here to help.

With a nationwide network, door-to-door delivery options and storage solutions available, U-Pack simplifies long-distance moving.

8 Interesting Facts about Louisville

Share these fun trivia bits about Louisville with your new friends and co-workers!

  1. Seventeen-year-old John A. Hillerich created the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat in his father’s woodworking shop in 1884.
  2. Louisville has hosted the world-famous Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs since 1875.
  3. The Belle of Louisville (built in 1914) is the oldest operating Mississippi-style steamboat in existence.
  4. Louisville is home to the nation's largest urban municipal forest — the 6,500-acre Jefferson Memorial Forest.
  5. The city hosts the biggest fireworks show in the country, launching more than 60 tons of pyrotechnics. And it’s not for Independence Day; it’s actually for the start of Derby season!
  6. George Rogers Clark founded Louisville in 1778 and named it after King Louis XVI of France.
  7. Mildred Jane Hill is a native of Louisville. She and her sister, Patty, co-wrote the tune “Happy Birthday.”
  8. Mega Cavern contains the world’s only fully underground zip lining course.

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