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Leaving Lexington

Living in the Horse Capital of the World is unlike living anywhere else. There’s nothing quite like cheering your favorite thoroughbred on to victory! But if the time has come to move from Lexington, U-Pack® is an excellent moving solution. Our prices are comparable to truck rental, but you don’t have to drive! All you have to do is pack, load and unload your belongings, and we take care of all the transportation. And with a national network of service centers, we can move you to just about anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico.

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Did You Know?

You may have lived in Lexington for many years, but did you know these facts?

  • Lexington was a city in Kentucky before Kentucky was a state. Yep, you read that right. Lexington was established in 1782, but Kentucky wasn’t incorporated until 1792.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd, was born in Lexington in 1818. Todd’s family helped establish the city.
  • The Jif Peanut Butter plant in Lexington is the largest peanut butter production facility in the world.
  • This city is home to Kentucky’s oldest bluegrass music event — the Festival of the Bluegrass.
  • Famous American Thoroughbred Man o’ War was foaled in Lexington, and many consider him the greatest racehorse ever to live. When he died in 1947, more than 2,000 people attended his funeral.
  • The Lexington Public Library is home to the world’s largest ceiling clock. It’s a five-story Foucault pendulum depicting Kentucky’s Bluegrass and horse roots.

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