Fairfield, IA

The Fairfield, IA terminal is closed. The Moline, IL and Cedar Rapids, IA terminals now deliver to the areas previously serviced by the Fairfield terminal.

Moving to Fairfield, Iowa?

For a small town with a population of only around 9,500 residents, you may find that Fairfield, Iowa has more to offer its residents than the traditional "small town". The area is known for having a unique, eclectic feel - with art galleries, specialty shops and more restaurants per capita than San Francisco. It's a small town community that's committed to providing its residents with simplicity and security while offering the experiences you might expect from a larger city. If you're moving to Fairfield, IA you'll find quickly that it's not the type of town you might picture amongst Southeast Iowa cornfields. Let’s explore more about Fairfield, IA.

  • Fairfield is situated in the great plains, with cornfields surrounding.
  • The town is full of art galleries, and the pinnacle event is 1st Friday, where all the galleries stay open and host events on the first Friday of every month.
  • There are restaurants representing 10 different nationalities in this small town! Something for every taste.
  • Fairfield was featured on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” as “America’s Most Unusual Town,” focusing on Fairfield’s transcendental meditation. The town is an American TM headquarters, with meditation domes. Don’t worry; TM isn’t a cult or crazy religion. In fact, people from all religions meditate and do yoga to clear their minds. The only traffic jam you might encounter in Fairfield is on the way to meditation time as many people attend.
  • The Fairfield Community School District serves the area for public school with over 2,500 students in five schools. There are also private schools in the area, included a school focused on inner development where the students practice consciousness-based education with meditation sessions built into the day, along with regular curriculum and activities.
  • Fairfield has been called the “Silicon Valley” because of the high number of technological startups in the area.
  • You can enjoy the great outdoors in Fairfield with over 12 parks, including facilities for fitness, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball and more.

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