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Moving Companies in South Bend, Indiana

Moving Companies in South Bend, Indiana

Moving to South Bend, IN
Football fans may already be familiar with South Bend—after all, it's the home of the University of Notre Dame and the "Fighting Irish." But outside of the distinguished college and popular sports teams, there's more to discover in South Bend, Indiana. Keep reading to find out more!

South Bend is located on the St. Joseph River near its southernmost bend, hence the name of the city. The South Bend Metropolitan area has a growing population of more than 320,000 residents. Located just five miles from the Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio border, you’ll be a short 93 miles away from the Windy City known as Chicago.

A humid continental climate makes South Bend experience warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Lake Michigan has a large effect on the weather of South Bend, including lake effect snow in the winter. June through August are the warmest months, while January is the snowiest month. On average, you’ll experience 42 days of thunderstorms each year. Get your snow gear ready, because South Bend receives on average 81 inches of snow per year.

South Bend isn’t just known for its famous Notre Dame University. For primary education, the South Bend Community School Corporation educated over 22,000 students, and operates 17 primary centers, nine intermediate centers, and four high schools. There are plenty of private schools in the area as well.

Things to do
The Potawatomi Zoo is the oldest zoo in Indiana and features more than 400 animals. Along with the zoo, the South Bend Parks and Rec Department operates over 50 parks, golf courses, and recreational areas in the city. Some great attractions you can’t miss once you’ve settled include the chocolate factory, farmer’s market, and kid’s museum.

Places to eat
Whatever your taste buds desire, South Bend delivers. Locals rave about Tippecanoe Place Restaurant, American Pancake House, and J.W. Chen’s Asian Cuisine. From four-star dining to pub grub, South Bend has it all!

Insider’s Note
Don’t miss the South Bend Reggae Music Festival during the summer. Proceeds from the festival are given to the Pangani Foundation of South Bend, helping deliver medical supplies to hospitals in Malawi!

In 2012, Kiplinger Personal Finance ranked South Bend the 8th Best City for Cheapskates! If you like to save a dime, moving to South Bend is perfect for you! Education, health care, and small business are the frontrunners of the South Bend economy. The University is the top employer, followed by Memorial Health System, and the public school district.

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