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Moving Companies in Quincy, Illinois

Moving Companies in Quincy, Illinois

Ready to move to Quincy?

Known as the “Gem City” of Illinois, Quincy is located along the Mississippi River in Adams County, Illinois. Its metro area has about 300,000 people, but Quincy itself has about 40,000 residents. Today, Quincy is a river city. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named it the 8th best small city to raise a family. What are some more reasons you’ll love moving to Quincy? Let’s take a look!

Why you’ll love moving to Quincy

Location. Quincy’s location is ideal for weekend getaways. It’s about 2.5 hours away from St. Louis, 5 hours away from Chicago, and 4 always away from Kansas City.

Low cost of living. It doesn’t take much to live in Quincy. The cost of living for the city is well below the national average for food, utilities, and other costs.

Attractions. Quincy is known for its architecture and history. Be sure to visit the Quincy Museum, John Wood Manson, the Garner Museum of Architecture and Design, the Quincy Art Center, and the Villa Katherine Castle.

Events. Of course, you can’t miss some of the great annual events held in Quincy. Riverfront events include the Fourth of July fireworks show, the U.S. Catfish Anglers Tournament, and the “Movies on the Muddy,” an even that shows recently released movies on the banks of the Mississippi River. There’s also the Big Dam Film Festival (annual international film festival), as well as the Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships. For some of the best BBQ Quincy has to offer, be sure to go to “Smoke on the River.”

Education. In Quincy, there are 21 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 11 high schools that make up the 17 private schools and 15 public schools in the area. There are a total of three districts in the area. For higher education, John Wood Community College, Vatterott Technical College, and the Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing are all located in Quincy. Western Illinois College, LaGrange College, and Culver-Stockton College are all located within driving distance of Quincy in nearby Macomb, Hannibal, and Canton respectively.

Weather. Quincy gets about 37 inches of rain per year, which is fairly close to the U.S. average. Be sure to get the sled ready, as Quincy gets about 21 inches of snow per year. The July high reaches into the 90s, while the winter low remains at or below freezing. Overall, you’ll find that the weather in Quincy is just fine!

Quincy Park District. The district was formed in 1940, and includes 26 parks over 1,000 acres. Mounds Park and Wavering Park both have swimming pools. Wavering Park also has a baseball and softball field. Moorman Park has a batting cage and mini golf course, while Deer Park includes a mini zoo. Be sure to check out all 26 parks to see which one is your favorite to visit!

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Moving to Quincy with U-Pack®

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