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Headed Out of Quincy?

Quincy, Illinois, is a beautiful, quaint town located along the Mississippi River. As the largest city and central hub of the Tri-State region (encompassing Illinois, Missouri and Iowa), it’s a premier location for business and trade. And though you’ve probably enjoyed living in Quincy, you’re planning a new beginning somewhere else. Need help to get where you’re going? Choose U-Pack®!

We specialize in long-distance moves and provide service to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. The best part about our service is that you don’t have to drive. See how much your move from Quincy will cost with a free online quote.

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Discover Quincy’s History Before You Leave

Did you know Quincy’s history has deep roots? If you’ve never explored your hometown’s past, now’s the time! Learn intriguing facts about where you’ve been living at these places:

Villa Kathrine

Architect George Behrensmeyer completed his construction of this Mediterranean-designed castle in 1900. World traveler W. George Metz lived there with only his 212-pound Mastiff dog, Bingo. Today, you can tour these grounds, which feature a two-story courtyard, reflecting pool and more.

Mark Twain Cave

Head 30 minutes west to Hannibal, Missouri, and crawl through Mark Twain’s Cave — named after Twain’s famous novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. You’ll find more than 200 years of history written on the cave’s walls. Much of Twain’s book reflects these events, including the infamous criminal Jessie James using it as a hideout.

Quincy Museum

The historic Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion is home to the expansive Quincy Museum. All three floors provide unique exhibits and experiences for all ages to enjoy. Favorites include the clock collection on the second floor and the Mississippi Wildlife room on the third floor.

Downtown Historic District

Downtown Quincy showcases some of the city’s most historic buildings, dating back to the late 19th and 20th centuries. Popular attractions include the Elkton Hotel, the Quincy Post Office and the Masonic Temple. Today, the area is a prime location for shopping, dining and entertainment. 

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