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Moving Companies in Elgin, IL

Moving Companies in Elgin, IL

Information and tips for moving to Elgin, Illinois - The City in the Suburbs
Situated on the Fox River, is the city of Elgin, Illinois. With a population of 108,188, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, Elgin is the eighth largest city in Illinois. Elgin is conveniently located only about forty miles from Chicago making it not too close to the big city to be completely engulfed by it but not too far away from all that The Windy City offers. Elgin, The City in the Suburbs, offers both the feel of being its own city as well as being a pleasant, suburban area. Please continue reading for more helpful tips on moving to Elgin.

Elgin Weather

  • Elgin’s average yearly temperature is about 49 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The highest average temperatures can reach into the mid-80s in the summer months, and the lowest average temperatures can drop as low as 12°F in the winter months.
  • Elgin’s average yearly precipitation is 36.7 inches and average yearly snowfall is 35.1 inches.
  • When relocating, be prepared for very cold, snowy winters and warm, mild summers.

Getting an Education in Elgin

  • School District U-46 serves the city of Elgin and is composed of five preschools, forty-one elementary schools, eight middle schools and six high schools.
  • Elgin also offers several private school options both religiously affiliated and secular. These include, Westminster Christian School, a preschool through twelfth grade private school; Elgin Academy, a secular preschool through twelfth grade private school; and St. Edward Central Catholic High School, a ninth through twelfth grade private high school.
  • For higher education, Elgin is home to Elgin Community College, a two-year institution that offers associate degrees; Judson University, a four-year Baptist university; National-Louis University, a private undergraduate and graduate university; and Providence Baptist College, a four-year vocational college.  

Transportation in Elgin

  • Elgin has three stations on the Metra Rail Milwaukee District/West Line which travels between Elgin and Chicago every day.
  • PACE provides transit services to the city of Elgin Monday through Saturday with stops around the city as well as at other close suburban areas.

Dining and Nightlife of Elgin

  • For the best pizza in town, check out Nick’s Pizza and Pub where you can try out their signature thin crust pizza as well as a variety of appetizers and salads and even hamburgers. With great food, friendly service and a fun atmosphere, Nick’s is the place to go.
  • Stop by Burnt Toast to get a taste of some great breakfast and brunch dishes. Burnt Toast offers everything from steak and eggs to fruit crepes, and for a special treat, try their delicious Ghirardelli Chocolate pancakes. Additionally, Burnt Toast offers a variety of lunch dishes from salads to For a fun night out with friends or a date, check out Elgin Public House. Elgin Public House offers a full bar and a variety of classic American entrees and appetizers.

Moving to Elgin with U-Pack

U-Pack is a great, easy, affordable way to move from anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico to Elgin.  You pack and load, and we handle all the driving. Get a free moving quote to learn more. 

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