Moving Companies in Effingham, IL

Leaving Effingham for a New City

Effingham is a small town located in central Illinois with a population of about 12,300 people. With a rich history, access to nearby major metropolitan areas and good schools, Effingham is a great place to live. But since the time has come to pack up and move to another state, you’ll want an experienced company to help. Enter U-Pack®!

We provide an easy and convenient way to move. Our service is a mix between renting a truck and hiring a full-service mover — with the best parts of both. And with a broad coverage area, we can service all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Share These Fun Facts  

Effingham may not be as well-known as other Illinois cities, but many things make it unique. Share these interesting facts with your new friends and co-workers to give them an idea of what makes your former hometown special!

  • Effingham is home to the biggest cross in the United States. It’s called The Cross at the Crossroads and stands 198 feet tall.
  • The city’s nickname is the “Crossroads of Opportunity” because of its location at the intersection of two major interstates — I-57 and I-70.
  • Effingham was founded in 1814. The settlers originally named it Broughton, and they called it that until 1859.
  • It’s located mere hours away from three major U.S. cities — St. Louis, Indianapolis and Louisville.

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