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Moving Companies in Bedford Park, IL

Moving Companies in Bedford Park, IL

Moving to Bedford Park, IL
Bedford Park is a small village comprised of 578 people located in Chicago’s southwest suburbs, according to the city website. The village uses the Lake Michigan water supply, and supplies electrical, natural gas, and telecommunication services to its residents. The city also offers full-time fire and police departments. Because the village is so close to Chicago, you can easily visit the Windy City anytime you want!

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Bedford has one elementary school, with junior high and high school facilities located in nearby Summit, IL. For higher education, Moraine Valley Community College and the University of Illinois Chicago are within 10 miles from the village.

Bedford Park's development is a direct result of industrial growth in the area— specifically companies like  Corn Products Corporation and the Clearing Industrial District— the  first industrial inhabitants of the area.  Thanks to the housing units these companies built, more families were attracted to the neighborhood.  As a result, more people moved into what became the Village of Bedford Park.  It was incorporated in 1940 and has since earned a high reputation as a wonderful place to live and do business.

The theme of the village is “Preserving the Past to Enhance the Future.”

Moving to Bedford Park, IL with U-Pack Moving
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