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Moving from Conley

With a population less than 7,000, Conley is a small town in western Georgia. With its proximity to cities like Atlanta, Conley is the ideal place to live. Big city amenities aren’t far, but you can enjoy a quieter and simpler everyday lifestyle. But, if the time has to come to pick up  and move from Conley or the the surrounding Atlanta area, let U-Pack® help. As a DIY service, we’ll bring the equipment to you. You’ll load it, and then we’ll transport for it for you. It’s a great alternative to truck rental — prices are comparable, but you don’t have to drive a large truck! Get started with a free online quote to see how much moving from Conley will cost.

Where are you Going?

Are you moving to the East Coast or the North? Maybe you’re moving a few states over to the Midwest. No matter where you’re going, U-Pack can help get you there! Thanks to our broad service area, we provide moves to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. In most locations, transit times average 4-6 business days.

Cool Things Near Conley

While there’s not much going on in Conley, it’s only minutes away from some of Georgia’s top attractions. So before leaving the Peach State, go out and have some fun. Here are some ideas:

  • View tens of thousands of marine animals at the Georgia Aquarium — the largest aquarium in the United States!   
  • Explore Georgia’s most-visited attraction Stone Mountain Park. From themed rides to hiking trailers, this park has it all.
  • Are you a big Coke® fan? You’ll love touring the World of Coca-Cola and tasting more than 60 flavors.
  • Journey 200-feet in the air for a fantastic view of Georgia’s capital on the Skyview Atlanta.
  • Piedmont Park is a popular place for running, biking, skating and fishing. It’s also home to a variety of unique festivals throughout the year.

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