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Moving Out of Delaware?

Beautiful oceanfront properties, an abundance of amazing historical sites, and great outdoor recreation opportunities are certainly a draw to living in Delaware. But if you’re planning to move out of the state, U-Pack® can help. It’s a DIY moving service; you pack and load, and we deliver your belongings to your new home. U-Pack can customize your move with loading help, storage or moving supplies. While we don’t have a service center in Delaware, our nearby locations service the state, so we can deliver the moving equipment to your door.

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Delaware Fast Facts

How long have you lived here? Did you know all these interesting tidbits about the Diamond State?

  • Let’s start with that nickname. There’s no mining in Delaware, so where did it originate? Thomas Jefferson referred to Delaware as a jewel among states because of its location.
  • Delaware is only 35 miles across at its widest point.
  • Even though Delaware is the second smallest state, it’s the sixth most densely populated state in the country.
  • There’s no sales tax in Delaware, which draws visitors to the malls and outlets for big savings.
  •  Delaware is the only state without a national park.