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Moving From Colorado Springs

Planning your move from Colorado Springs, Colorado? As you reflect on everything you’ll miss — views of the Rocky Mountains, the constant sunshine, and the endless outdoor activities — we hope you feel excited about where your new adventure is taking you.

If you’re looking for a moving company to get you out of Colorado Springs, U-Pack® is a great option! All you do is pack, load, and travel to your new home how you want. We’ll bring your belongings door-to-door. Easy and convenient! Explore our coverage area to find a service center near you. Then, get a free quote to check rates.

Fun Things to Do Before You Leave

Become a tourist for a day! Go out and enjoy the beauty and activities of Colorado Springs before you have to leave. Here are some ideas:

  • Hike to the summit of Pikes Peak. You see the top of Pikes Peak every day. But have you ever hiked to it? At 14,115 feet, it’s not the highest peak in Colorado, but it still offers stunning views.
  • Visit the Seven Falls. Even if you’ve seen the Seven Falls many times, go again before you move and pretend you’re a vacationer! Take your camera and enjoy the peaceful sound of water cascading down the mountainside.
  • Become King or Queen at Glen Eyrie. This house’s construction and features are like an English castle. You can tour the home and 800-acre estate and explore the history of its former inhabitants. Or, you can stay the night in one of its royal rooms.
  • Climb the Manitou Incline. If you’re up for a physical challenge, climbing up Manitou Incline is the perfect activity. The slope reaches a 68 percent steepness and has more steps (2,744) than the Empire State Building.
  • Tour the U.S. Air Force Academy. As one of the most elite military academies in the country, you would think this base would be closed to the public. But, you can tour this facility and see what life is like for our nation’s leading military members.



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