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Moving Away from Stockton-Modesto

Stockton and Modesto are two Northern California cities located just 35 minutes apart. The two cities share a lot of similarities, though Stockton (with a population close to 300,000) is a bit bigger than Modesto (population of more than 94,000). Stockton is centrally located to cities like San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, while Modesto is close to places like Fresno and the Yosemite National Park. That means living in the area offers a suburban escape from large population areas, while still giving you access to big city amenities. But if the time has come to move away from the area in search of new opportunities, U-Pack® can help!

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Did you know?

Who doesn’t love to brag about where they’re from? When you get to your new location, use these fun facts about the Stockton-Modesto area to impress your new group of friends:

  • Modesto is famous for its agricultural production of peanuts. The distinction is evident across the area, including with the mascot and nickname of the city’s minor league baseball team — the Modesto Nuts.
  • In addition to nuts, livestock is another important agricultural product. Between nuts and livestock, the agricultural industry contributes about $3 billion annually to the economy.
  • Famed film director, producer, and creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, was born in Modesto.
  • Stockton is also an important agricultural center. The city is one of the country’s largest producers of grapes and almonds.
  • Stockton is a major shipping destination for agriculture and manufacturing, thanks to it’s location at the head of the navigable channel of the Port of Stockton, one of the largest inland deepwater ports in the country.

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