Moving Companies in Pacoima, CA

Moving from the Pacoima Area?

While it’s been fun living next door to Los Angeles, it’s time to move on and meet new neighbors. Let U-Pack® help you start a new adventure! With a service center in Pacoima that services cities like San Fernando. We can easily move you out of the metro area to almost any location in the U.S. Canada or Puerto Rico. U-Pack can also help with moves to Pacoima.

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Moving from Pacoima, CA with U-Pack

U-Pack combines the methods of truck rental and traditional movers to create a hybrid moving service. Instead of driving a bulky rental truck, or paying a premium price for full-service, you get the best of both worlds — affordable prices without having to drive! You can also customize your move with services like storage and loading/unloading help. And thanks to an efficient transportation system, our transit times average 4-6 business days.

Places to Visit Near Pacoima

Pacoima is just a short drive from a variety of entertainment options. If you’re leaving California, be sure to visit your favorite places one last time. Or, if you’re new to the area, here are some must-see attractions:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood. Movie and TV fans will love a day spent at Universal Studios. Some of the best attractions have themes revolving around popular films, including Jurassic Park and King Kong.   
  • Hollywood Sign. You’ve seen it in the movies, but now you can experience it first-hand!
  • Orbic Air Helicopter Tours. See California’s true beauty from the sky.  
  • Santa Monica Pier. Visit this historic landmark for a fun-filled day. Activities include shopping, riding the Ferris wheel, visiting the aquarium and relaxing on the beach.  
  • The Original Farmers Market. This isn’t your normal farmers market! Along with produce, you can go on food tours, buy fresh meat, poultry and fish, and eat at a variety of gourmet-style restaurants.


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