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From beautiful sunrises to weekends at the beach, you’ll always cherish the memories you made in Orange. As you plan your move from California, look for a company that will help simplify the process. U-Pack® specializes in long-distance moves, offering door-to-door delivery, fast transit times and flexibility. Through our network of more than 240 locations, including one in Orange, we average transit times of 4-6 business days. We also offer direct delivery to most locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, including nearby cities like Anaheim. But, if we don’t offer direct service, you can always load and unload at a nearby service center. Check your location’s availability by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or getting a free quote online.

Explore Orange County

Orange is just one of many cities in Orange County. Whether you’re coming or going, take some time to explore top attractions in nearby areas:

  • Relax at Crystal Cove State Park. With more than 2,500 acres of land, Crystal Cove is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy horseback riding, hiking or relaxing on the beach. 
  • Have a family day at Discover Cube. Let the kids’ imaginations run wild while touring a variety of educational exhibits. Discovery Cube is a great atmosphere for all ages!  
  • Spend the day at Disneyland. Head to Anaheim for a day of fun rides and the chance to meet your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Ride the waves at Salt Creek Beach Park. Salt Creek is a well-known place for surfing. And since the park is located along the famous Pacific Coast Highway, you’re sure to experience some breathtaking views.
  • Visit Orange County Zoo. From bald eagles and black bears to mountain lion and ocelots, you’ll see a variety of animals in this 477-acre wilderness.

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