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Moving from Fremont, CA

It’s not unusual to have mixed feelings about leaving Fremont. On the one hand, you’ll miss the weather, the quiet, family-friendly suburb and its central Bay Area location. On the other, your cost of living is likely to decrease. Get a head start by saving on your upcoming long-distance move with U-Pack®. Our customized options and quick transit times take the hassle out of moving long distance.

Before You Go

Make sure to enjoy these unique Fremont experiences before the move:

  • Enjoy a vodka shot while sitting in a dentist’s chair at The Saddle Rack, a three-bar warehouse
  • Hike Mission Peak and enjoy an incredible view of the Silicon Valley
  • Learn about Fremont’s history of silent filmmaking at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum
  • Explore Old Mission San Jose, which is rumored to be haunted because of the many casualties that have occurred in its 200-year existence
  • Visit Niles Canyon Railway, reserve a caboose, and take part in a wine or beer tasting on the train
  • Ardenwood Historic Farm is a working farm with a historic museum and an animal petting area for kids
  • Grab some huge, fresh-baked donuts at Vasy’s
  • Walk off those calories at Coyote Hills Regional Park, a large area preserve with miles of hiking trails and rolling hills

Let U-Pack Carry the Load

Moving long distance from California? No matter where you’re going in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico, U-Pack can get your belongings there through our network of service centers. And we can usually do it faster and cheaper than a traditional full-service moving company. Call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to find out how much your long-distance move from Fremont will cost with U-Pack.

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