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Moving Companies in Anaheim, CA

Moving Companies in Anaheim, CA

Moving to Anaheim, California?

If you love warm, Mediterranean weather and tons of fun attractions, Anaheim is the city for you! Anaheim is California’s tenth most populated city and the second largest city in Orange County. Home to several growing business centers and only minutes away from Disneyland, you’ll never run out of entertainment options in Anaheim.

Anaheim’s History

The city’s unique name was derived from its proximity to the Santa Ana River, and the German and Norwegian suffix “heim” which means home. Anaheim was founded in 1857 by German Americans who purchased the land to grow grapes. The founders formed the Anaheim Vineyard Company, which was the largest wine producer in California for 25 years. Though the growth of grapes eventually became impossible in the area, Anaheim developed a rich cash crop network for lemons and oranges.

What’s the cost of living in Anaheim?

The cost of living in Anaheim is around 35% higher than the national average and household income is over $50,000 on average. If you’re moving to Anaheim, expect a higher general sales tax and income tax. The cost of living category with the highest index is housing, around 105% above the national average.

Anaheim economy

The Walt Disney Company is the city’s largest employer with over 22,000 employees. Because of the tourism economy, most of Anaheim’s income stems from the Disneyland Resort. In Anaheim, you’ll also find the headquarters of AT&T and a corporate office location for Sunny Delight Beverages. Other major contributions to the city’s economy and job opportunities are based in the healthcare industry and include Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and the Anaheim Regional Medical Center.

Location and traffic

Anaheim is divided up into several districts including three historic districts. The Colony Historic District is at the heart of Anaheim and includes city hall, police headquarters and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. The commercial district, Anaheim Resort, contains several hotels and retail complexes.

Only 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles, the city is an active area. Because of the popular tourist attractions, the amount of traffic and commute times are high. There are 3 major freeways that run through the city including the SR-91, which is one of the most congested freeways in Southern California. As the population in Anaheim continues to grow, the city is working to improve traffic conditions and modes of transportation.


You’ll have plenty of education options for your child in Anaheim. For public education, you can choose from 46 elementary schools, 9 junior highs, 14 high schools and 6 alternative education schools. Anaheim also offers several private schools. If you’re interested in higher education, Anaheim has three private universities including Bristol University, home of the Bristol Bears! Booklovers can enjoy 8 public libraries throughout the city.

Anaheim is also home to the Disney Youth Education Series, which is a program of guided field studies for students and teachers. The program offers guided, in-park educational lessons available to grade school students traveling in groups of 10 or more.


Anaheim is a dream city for sports fans! Watch the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play baseball or catch an Anaheim Ducks hockey game. If tennis is your sport, the Anaheim Tennis Center offers lighted courts, a junior campus and facilities for rent.  The city also has several softball leagues operating in four seasons for players 18 years or older.

Where can I go to have fun?

Anaheim is packed with fun things to do for people of all ages! If you prefer amusement parks, you’ll love the Disneyland Resort and Adventure City.  Anaheim is also close to six beautiful beaches on the Orange County coastline where you can swim and explore tide pools. Home to more than 40 golf courses and plenty of hiking trails, you can spend almost every day enjoying the outdoors! If you’re looking for great places to shop and dine, check out the Anaheim Plaza or the GardenWalk lifestyle center. Spend the day indoors at one of the city’s four Entertainment Centers.

Did you know that Anaheim has the largest convention center on the west coast? The Anaheim Convention Center has 1.6 million square feet of exhibit space and holds popular conferences and events throughout the year!

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