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All the Packing Supplies You Need

Packing up your home for a long-distance move? Get the moving supplies you need from the U-Pack Box Store – with FREE shipping, right to your door.

U-Pack offers a wide range of affordable moving supplies, designed to help protect your belongings and make moving day easier. You’ll find all the things you need to wrap fragile items, tape boxes, cover furniture, protect mattresses, load heavy appliances and much more.

Moving supplies designed to protect

The key to a successful move is a shipment that’s packed well and secured well. The professional-grade packing and moving supplies at the U-Pack Box store were designed with this in mind. Some of the most popular packing materials offered are:

Free Shipping on all Moving Supply Orders

Select the boxes and supplies you need, and we’ll ship them to you, FREE! Most moving supply orders placed Monday through Friday by 4pm EST ship the same day, and orders placed after 4pm ship the next business day.

Easy Returns!

If for any reason you need to return your packing supplies, simply mail your complete order back via the carrier of your choice. You’ll receive a refund (minus return shipping) on receipt of your items. Read our return policy for full details.

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