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Moving Kits

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U-Pack Moving Kits 

Box and supply bundles, designed to save you money

U-Pack offers a variety of discounted moving kits, packaged with the things you need to make moving day easier. Just select the kit that meets your needs, and get free shipping – right to your door. 

Choose the best kit for your move

Whether you’re moving a little or a lot, there’s a box assortment that’s just the right fit. U-Pack moving kits are ideal for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom and 6+ bedroom homes. Simply select the right size for your move, then choose the kit that meets your needs:

  • Economy Kit: This kit includes an assortment of boxes, tape and markers
  • Basic Kit: This kit includes assorted boxes and supplies, including SmartMove tape and packing materials
  • Enhanced kit: This kit features medium and large boxes and assorted moving supplies like tape and packing materials
  • Wardrobe kit: This kit comes with an assortment of moving supplies and boxes, including wardrobe boxes

Quality Supplies, made for moving

The best way to safeguard your belongings for a long-distance move is with boxes and supplies that were designed to protect. The items bundled together in U-Pack moving kits are professional grade, and made for moving.

Need help figuring out the best box fit for your move? Call 855-707-1499 for assistance.

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