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Wardrobe Boxes

24" x 24" x 40"


Ideal for: moving clothes directly from the closet to the metal bar in the box, keeping them on the hangers. Shoes, belts, and purses fit in the bottom of the box.

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  • $55.40
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U-Pack Wardrobe Boxes

The Best Way to Move Clothing

Moving hanging clothes? Wardrobe boxes are a great solution! They’re designed to keep your higher-quality clothes protected and wrinkle-free while they’re traveling across the country.

Each wardrobe box comes with a metal hanging bar that holds up to 24” of closet space. They’re also equipped with hand access hold for easy carrying. Order alone, or pair with other moving boxes and supplies to build a bundle that meets your needs – either way, you get FREE shipping on your entire order.

Why use wardrobe boxes?

It’s the ideal way to add extra protection for your higher quality items. Instead of covering them in garbage bags that can get snagged, or dealing with the wrinkles that result from folding them into standard moving boxes, move your clothes straight from the closet rod to the wardrobe box, and then from the box into your new closet. Maximize the space by placing purses, belts, hats, shoes and other accessories into the bottom of the box. They’re even sturdy enough to hold bulkier items like jeans and winter coats.

How many wardrobe moving boxes do you need?

Wardrobe boxes are designed to hold up to 24” of closet space. To figure out how many you need, simply measure the hanging clothes in your closet and divide the number of feet by two. It’s easy!

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