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TV Moving Boxes

Fits TVs between 32" and 70"

Box Dimensions:
36-70" x 6" x 40"

2 pieces heavy duty adjustable corrugated sleeves

Wrap your TV in Bubble Wrap® before packing.

  • $32.08
  • $36.89
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U-Pack TV Moving Boxes

Designed to protect your TV

If you’re not able to pack your TV into its original box, a TV box from the U-Pack Box Store is the next best thing. They’re made for moving! And, when packed securely, they’re designed to offer high-level protection for your TV as it moves across the country. Order one – or as many as you need – and get FREE shipping, right to your door.

Flat Screen TV Moving Boxes

The U-Pack TV Box is easily adjustable to fit flat screen, plasma, LED or LCD TVs from 32” to 70”.

The box is shipped as two sleeves that adjust for a tight fit around your TV. Simply follow the instructions included in your box to pack it securely. For extra protection, we recommend wrapping your TV in Bubble Wrap® or foam sheets before placing it in the TV box.

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