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Kitchen Boxes

4 sets of partitions


8 layer pads and 12 partition sets

Features: Can be used in our Large Kitchen Box.

Ideal for:organizing your dishes, glasses, and china in Kitchen Boxes. Wrap your dishes in Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap® before packing.

  • $45.28
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18" x 18" x 28"


Ideal for: dishes, glasses, china, and other kitchen objects. Organize your items using the kitchen box inserts (sold separately). Wrap your dishes in packing paper or Bubble Wrap® before packing.

  • $47.60
  • $54.74
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2 Large Kitchen Boxes
2 Large Kitchen Box Inserts

3 lbs of Packing Paper
55 yards of Tape
1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser
1 Marker

  • $56.61
  • $65.11
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U-Pack Kitchen Boxes

Protect your dishes with dish pack boxes & dividers

Dish pack boxes are a must for packing fragile items like dishes and china. When packed properly, these high-quality dish pack boxes provide the extra protection you need to ensure your breakable kitchen items travel from your old home to your new with care.

How to use a dish pack box

The partitions that fit into the dish box can be customized to hold glasses, bowls, plates and other dishes simply by adding or removing partitions. Wrap the items securely in packing paper or Bubble Wrap®, then place them in the partitions to protect them during your move. Purchase dish pack boxes alone, or pair with a moving kit or other boxes and supplies. All U-Pack Box Store orders come with FREE shipping – right to your door!

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