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Extra-Large Moving Boxes

23" x 23" x 16"


Ideal for: bulky items like pillows, sporting equipment, garage and outdoor items.

  • $48.17
  • $55.40
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Extra Large Moving Boxes

Great for packing, shipping, and storing XL items

Moving oversized items? Extra large moving boxes are a great solution. Measuring 23” x 23” x 16”, they’re large enough to handle big stuff like blankets, comforters, pillows, lawn care equipment, sports equipment and other lightweight items.

The U-Pack Box Store sells these durable, professional-grade extra large moving boxes in bundles that can be purchased alone or in addition to other bundles and supplies. And, you get FREE shipping, right to your door.

How to Pack an Extra Large Moving Box

While XL boxes are great for packing oversized items, keep weight in mind as you’re packing. We recommend limiting the weight to less than 40 lbs. per box to make carrying them into and out of the moving truck more manageable.

When it comes time to pack your extra large box, place heavier items into the bottom and lighter items on top.

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