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Professional-grade Cardboard Moving Boxes

Searching for high-quality cardboard boxes for moving your belongings across the country? You’ll find everything you need at the U-Pack Box Store. Affordable, professional-grade moving boxes delivered right to your door, with FREE shipping.

Packing Boxes for Every Need

Because they add protection, well-packed, sturdy moving boxes are the key to a successful move. U-Pack offers them in a variety of shapes and sizes to hold almost anything in your home – large or small. You can purchase these packing boxes in bundles or as part of a moving kit. Just select the items that fit your needs and budget.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Get a great deal on moving boxes with U-Pack! Keep your costs low by ordering only the moving boxes you need, or pair them with a discounted moving box kit to make sure you’re completely covered. And, don’t forget to add moving supplies for packing and loading, too! U-Pack offers cheap moving boxes for any size move.

Easy Returns!

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your order, you can return your complete (not partial) order within 14 days of delivery. Just mail the boxes back via your carrier of choice, and your card will be credited upon receipt of your return, not including shipping charges.

Planning an out of state move?

Get a long-distance moving quote from U-Pack. Prices compare to truck rental, but we do the driving!