Moving from Madison, WI to Boston, MA

So you’re thinking about moving from Madison, WI to Boston, MA?

There are certainly a number of reasons why you might want to live out your life in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. It is a Midwestern city with charm to spare. Boston, Massachusetts, meanwhile, is an entirely different animal. It also has charm, but there’s another element to Boston that gives it a special factor that few other cities in the United States can boast. There are few places in the country that have as much history and heritage that tie themselves to the very fabric of our country’s pillars than Boston. Before any move it is important to understand a wide array of factors. Let’s see just why you should make the move from Madison to Boston today!

What is the weather like in Boston?

Boston and Madison are very similar in terms of weather. They both have average annual highs that range in the mid-50 degrees, and they both experience large amounts of precipitation on a yearly basis. The real advantage to moving to Boston is that you get to be positioned along the coastline. Other than that, the climate is very similar. Boston has both 43 inches of rainfall and snowfall inches during a typical year. This precipitation is spread out across many different days, which means that you don’t typically have to deal with large monsoons or blizzards. For the most part, though, Boston is a lateral move in comparison to Madison. So new residents won’t have to worry about changing their closets and household items, or adjust to a completely new atmosphere.

What are the demographics like in Boston?

Boston also has an advantage over Madison in that it is a much more diverse city. With more than 600,000 citizens situated in Boston, there are representations of a number of different minorities in the city. With about 50 percent of the town identifying as Caucasian, another quarter of Boston consists of African Americans and another 17 percent is Hispanic or Latino. There also is an Asian population that makes up about 10 percent of the city. The Caucasian population is largely of Irish heritage, and there is a large Jewish sect, as well, with more than 25,000 people practicing Judaism in Boston. If you’re looking for a place that allows you to experience a wide range of cultures, than Boston is definitely the place for you.

Are the schools in Boston as good as Madison?

Boston, as one of the most historic cities in the nation, has a distinct advantage in terms of education. There are many historic institutions from which parents can choose to send their children. Boston has one of the best selection of public and private schools one could ask for. There are 57,000 students in the Boston Public School system, many of which are enrolled in prestigious place like the Boston Latin Academy, the Boston Latin School, and the John D. O’Bryant School of Math & Science.

Some of the best colleges and universities in the country also are located in Boston’s metropolitan area, including Boston University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brandels University and then, of course, Harvard University, who’s reputation is unmatched in America.

What is the media like in Boston?

Keeping informed is very easy in Boston since the town has many of the best publications and news markets in the country. As a city whose politics go hand-in-hand with America’s beginning, it is not surprising that Boston has such prestigious newspapers as the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. You can also find such magazines as The Christian Science Monitor in the city, as well as minority papers like La Semana, El Mundo and El Pianeta for the Hispanic community.

Boston also has one of the largest television markets in the country, with representation from each major network. There are also a number of local stations, as well, such as channels from the colleges and universities like Boston College’s WZBC and Northeastern’s WRBB.

What is transportation like in Boston?

There are many ways to get around in Boston, with the Logan Airport as the center of major flights in the city. Shipping is handled at the Port of Boston, which is impossible to mention without also referencing the Boston Tea Party, which took place in the port. There are great roads for transit in Boston, as well, with I-90 the nearest interstate connecting the town to other locations. While there is a logical road system in place for car commuters, many citizens of Boston take advantage of the tow’s public transportation system, which is the fourth-busiest in the country. It also holds the title of being the oldest system of its kind in the United States. There are many “walkers” in Boston, as well, with about 13 percent of commuters choosing to commute to work on foot. As such, Boston has gained the title of “The Walking City.”

How will you move to Boston?

If you want an easy and affordable move, look no further than U-Pack®, a “you pack, we drive” moving company. With U-Pack, you pack and load your household goods into a moving trailer or ReloCube, and we drive it to your new home in Boston. When it arrives, you unload. It’s that easy! Get a free moving quote today!

Welcome to Boston, your new home!

Why wouldn’t you want to live in one of the most cultured cities in the United States! Make the move from Madison to Boston today!

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