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What kind of out of state movers are there?

June 17th, 2013 - 2:49 PM

Are you new to the world of moving out of state?

That’s perfectly OK! You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Well, a great place to start is learning about the kinds of out of state movers available to help you with your move. Let’s take a look.

The three big kinds of out of state movers

Just like the NBA’s Miami Heat have the “Big 3” (Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh), the moving industry also has their own “Big 3” – full-service, truck rental, and “you pack, we drive” moving companies. Here’s a closer look at each one:

Full Service. This will likely be your most expensive option simply because the movers do all the work for you. It sounds ideal, but if you're trying to stick to a budget, it may not be the best option. And if full-service does fall into your budget, it’s important to note that cross-country moves can sometimes take quite a while to deliver (sometimes up 4-6 weeks). To some, time can be just as valuable as money.   

Truck Rental. It’s often believed to be the cheapest way to move out of state, and for good reason since it’s usually cheap to rent a truck for a local move. But out of state moves are typically different. You’re moving farther, which means the rates are higher and you pay more to fuel the truck. Sometimes, the cost of gas can as much as double the price of your move. If you want to see what gas could cost for your move in a rental truck, try out this fuel estimator. Just enter where you’re moving from and to and voilà!

Another thing to think about with truck rental is the additional cost of things like damage protection and sales tax. Like fuel, it’s not included in your quote. When you add it all up, your out of state move could end up costing more than you imagined.

So, these two options may seem pretty extreme – let someone else do all of the work, or do all of the work yourself. What if an option existed where you could split the work? I’m talking about where you do the packing, loading, and unloading like truck rental, but you don’t have to drive (like full-service). Sounds nice, right? Well, that option does exist! It’s called U-Pack® and it falls under the last kind of out of state mover – “you pack, we drive.”

You pack, We drive. This option combines the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about driving an unfamiliar rental truck over a long distance and you don’t have to pay a high price to move, either. In fact, in most cases, U-Pack’s prices are similar or cheaper than renting a truck. And if getting your belongings in a reasonable amount of time is important to you, then you’ll be happy to know that U-Pack averages cross country transit times of 2-5 business days. You’ll also be happy to know that there are no additional charges for fuel, taxes or standard liability coverage.

So what do you think would be the best option for you? I hope it’s U-Pack! If you want more info about how U-Pack compares to the other types of out of state movers, let us know by commenting or calling 800-413-4799. We’re happy to help you!

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