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TV Shipping Boxes

November 4th, 2015 - 8:35 AM

Boxes for Shipping a TV

Let’s face it – TVs are one of the most expensive items in most homes. It’s important to take care of your television during a move. Using a professional TV shipping box is key to keeping your television safe. The U-Pack Box Store offers high-quality boxes for shipping flat-panel LED, LCD, and plasma TVs at significantly lower prices than competitors. And here’s an added perk: You get free shipping, right to your door! Let’s take a look at your options for flat screen TV boxes and how to use them.

TV shipping box

Flat screen TV boxes for moving

We offer a customizable TV box so that you get a perfect fit every time. Boxes are made of double-wall corrugated sleeves that you can custom-fit to your television. They fit flat screen, plasma, LED, or LCD TVs from 15” to 70”.

Choose from three sizes of TV shipping boxes:

The 32” box includes two box sleeves that you will use to create a tight fit around your TV, and the 60” and 70” shipping boxes come with four sleeves for a perfect fit. Every order from the U-Pack Box Store ships free and arrives fast.

How to use a TV shipping box

  • Unplug the TV, and wrap cords with a rubber band to keep them together.
  • Remove the base, wrap it in Bubble Wrap®, paper padding or foam wrap then set it aside.
  • Place crumpled packing paper in the bottom of the flat panel TV box for padding.
  • Wrap the entire TV in Bubble Wrap® or foam wrap to protect it.
  • Place the TV in the box, and adjust the panels for a snug fit.
  • Add extra crumpled paper padding to fill any gaps.
  • Tape the box well, and write “fragile” and “this side up” before shipping the TV.

Visit the U-Pack Box Store to order your TV boxes and other moving supplies.

Have questions about shipping a TV?

If you have questions about how to pack your TV into the TV shipping boxes offered by U-Pack, leave a message below. And if we can answer any questions about your upcoming move, call us at 800-413-4799, or click to get a free moving quote online, anytime.