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The U-Pack® College Packing List

September 12th, 2011 - 2:37 PM

You're sitting in the lavish, spacious bedroom of your parents' home— complete with private bath and walk-in closet.  You have a garage full of sports equipment, bikes, and plenty of storage space throughout.  Suddenly you realize your new dorm is about the same size as said closet (and you have to share it with a roommate)! 

There will be no storage space.  There will barely be enough room to sleep and study.  What are you going to do without your 52" flat screen, the linen closet full of stuffed animals, and the Bowflex?  Welcome to college, baby!  It's called "roughing it."  Below is a list of essentials.  (You probably won't have room for much else.)

  • Momentos— Bring a few pictures of your family.  You will miss them.
  • Quarters— It is amazing how far a pocketful of quarters will take you on campus.
  • Laptop Computer— Ditto.
  • Clothes/Shoes— Pick a few of your favorite outfits for the season. Traveling home a few times during the semester to exchange-out clothes that make sense for the weather will be essential.  You will accumulate several cool t-shirts from campus events too, so don't worry about not having anything to wear.  Campus dress is pretty laid back, but don't forget gym clothes and church clothes too.  There may even be a party or two?
  • Bedding. Check online or telephone the dormitory to find out what size bed you will have.  Make sure you prepare for a room that may not have air conditioning or a roommate who prefers extremes in temperature.
  • Umbrella— You will never be more thankful.  It will rain at the most inopportune moment.
  • Alarm Clock— Trust you will be late for class on the first day if you don't have one.
  • Lighting— If you are living in a shoebox dorm with another person, you may have to find lighting that is unobtrusive for nights when she needs to go to bed early but you have to keep reading.
  • Microwave— Coordinate this buy with your roommate(s).  You only need one.  Whether you have a kitchenette or not, snag a few items from Mom's cupboard such as plastic cups, plates, bowls, and extra dinnerware.  You may be eating take-out Chinese more frequently than you think.
  • Stereo— Music is what makes the college world keep spinning.  You will need to dance after midterms and finals.

If in doubt, don't bother packing it.  Remember how little room you have to spread out. And if you can't fit it all in your car, consider moving terminal to terminal in a U-Pack ReloCube®.  Just take all of your stuff to the ABF terminal closest to your home.  Load everything in a ReloCube, then pick it up from the ABF terminal closest to your college (you can take multiple trips if you need to).  The price is very affordable. Good luck!