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The Right Moving Boxes and Supplies For Your Move

March 4th, 2009 - 3:04 PM

Packing for a Long Distance Move
There's a big difference between moving across town and moving across the country. Besides the extra time and expense, you also have to pack differently.

The nice thing about moving locally is that you can pack almost any way you want and not worry about it too much. You're only looking at a few minutes of travel time, so drive slowly and you're home free! When you are moving across the country, the rules change a little bit. Every item needs a secure place in your trailer or ReloCube.

Here are some moving tips:
• Use moving boxes for everything you can. Odd shaped items are much harder to pack around, so the more uniform your shipment is, the easier it will be to load.
• Include plenty of furniture pads.
• Use linens and blankets for additional padding – wrap them around items, or place them in trash bags and use them to fill in the spaces between your larger items.
• Most furniture and other large items will have to travel as they are. Cover the vulnerable areas (such as corners or exposed wood) with bubble wrap or moving blankets.
• Consider covering mattresses with a plastic mattress bag. These mattress bags protect your mattress from stains or snags and they have air circulation vents that keep your mattress fresh.
• Secure your items.
• Have plenty of rope for securing items.
• Consider purchasing ratchet straps – Our ReloCubes and the majority of our trailers have tracking strips that will allow a rope or narrow "S" hook (1/4" or less) to loop through.
• All of our trailers have wooden floor panels that run the length of the trailer. Feel free to nail attachments to the floor or blocks to brace/separate your items. Just remember to remove these when you unload the trailer. 

Pack with Care 
ABF has won several safety awards and our drivers are some of the best in the industry. Keep in mind though that road conditions vary from state to state, and you want your items to remain stationary and resilient to any bumps in the road.

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