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Small Move Solutions | U-Pack Moving

February 20th, 2012 - 10:25 AM

According to last year’s moving trends report, the average U-Pack shipment is around 13 linear feet, which translates into a 1,200 sq. ft., two-bedroom home.  Despite that fact, we also encounter many, many customers who just need to move a few items – a small move. 

Is that you?

If it is, my first word of advice is this:  start by using our Room-by-Room Space Estimator.  This works wonders in helping estimate how much space you’ll need inside an ABF moving trailer or ReloCube.
Once you’ve figured out the space conundrum, getting a moving quote from U-Pack is easy.  Just use the quote form to enter the basic information about your move, and then click “Get Instant Quote.”  You’ll see the price immediately.  No one comes to your home for an in-home estimate; no uncomfortable, pushy salesman.  Score!
Though there’s a lot to love about U-Pack (including the instant quote), one benefit customers talk about the most is the ability to pay only for the linear footage used in the moving trailer, or the number of ReloCubes you need.  That means if you reserve 8 ft., but fit into 6 ft., you only pay for 6 ft.  If your shipment doesn’t occupy the entire trailer (and likely it won’t if it’s a small move), we’ll fill the remaining trailer space with palletized and/or crated commercial goods that are moving in the same direction (that’s one reason you can save so much moving with U-Pack). U-Pack’s minimum shipment size is 5 linear feet, or one ReloCube.

So what happens if your move is smaller than the 5 ft. minimum, or a ReloCube is too large?  What if you’re moving just a couple of small pieces of furniture?  Here are two solutions that may fit your needs:

1.     Go ahead and get a moving quote for the minimum space.  Though 5 feet may be too large for your shipment, you may find that the price is still lower than your other options.  And you can save even more money by doing a “terminal to terminal” move where you load and unload your items at your local ABF service center.  
2.     Visit shipabf.com.  Though you’re not able to move loose household goods this way, it’s a great option if your items are palletized and/or crated.  Quotes begin at a 500 pound minimum.

If you have more questions about small moves, call a moving expert at 800-413-4799, or leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help!