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One-Way Move Options

November 22nd, 2017 - 8:04 AM

What is a one-way move?

If you’re thinking, “aren’t all moves one-way?”, it helps to know that one-way moving refers to the locations and equipment you use to move your belongings, not the direction you move. With a one-way move, the equipment is delivered to you or picked up through a location near your origin and returned to another location near your destination. One-way moving is typical if you’re moving long distance; it’s the opposite of a local move where you pick up and drop off moving equipment at the same location.  If you’re moving out of state or across the country, take a look at the possibilities for one-way moving and compare services and rates.

one-way move

Options for moving one way

The right fit for your move depends on your budget, your needs and how much work you want to do. Here are three popular one-way moving options:

One-way truck rental

Maybe the first thing you think about for this type of move is one-way truck rental. One-way rental is typically more expensive than a local rental since it covers more mileage, more days and the equipment being transferred to a different location. Here are a few things to consider with one-way rental trucks:

  • Fuel. One of the largest additions to a long-distance move in a rental truck can be fuel. Trucks aren’t very fuel efficient, and for a long drive, gas costs can really add up. Use our rental truck fuel calculator to determine your fuel costs. 
  • Liability coverage. To protect your belongings or the truck during the trip, you’ll have to add coverage. There are different options depending on what you want to cover, but they all come at an additional cost.
  • Space concerns. While this isn’t directly an extra cost, it’s definitely an extra concern. As you choose a truck size, there’s some guesswork involved to make sure your belongings will fit inside. Risks include getting a too-small truck and running out of room, or paying for a too-big truck and having wasted space. Picking the perfect size truck can be difficult for a one-way move, since you can’t just make multiple trips across town — everything needs to fit inside the truck.

You pack, we drive

Another popular option is a “you pack, we drive” service where you pack and load your belongings into a moving container or trailer, but the company you choose handles the transportation to your new home.  This type of one-way move is very convenient and affordable when moving long-distance because you don’t have to drive a rental truck but still save compared to traditional moving costs. A couple things to understand about “you pack, we drive” moving:

  • Flexibility. The same space concerns in a rental truck can apply with moving containers. Even though you can use multiple containers, it can still be difficult to estimate your space needs. U-Pack® gives you flexibility to use the space you need. U-Pack ReloCubes are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ containers, and you can reserve as many as you think you’ll need, or you can use space in a moving trailer. With both options, you just pay for the space you use, and more room is always available.
  • Transit times. Most “you pack, we drive” services allow a few days for loading, but transit times may vary. With U-Pack, you get three business days to load and three more to unload, and transit times average just 2-5 business days — so you get your belongings fast.
  • Customizable options. You can add services like storage, moving assistance or expedited transportation to build a move that fits your specific situation.

Full-service movers

For hands-off moving, movers provide all of the services for a one-way move including packing, loading, transportation and unloading. However, rates will reflect all of those services — and there could be extra costs for hard-to-pack items or stairs. Here are other things to consider with a full-service moving company:

  • Transit time. For a long-distance move, it’s not uncommon for it to take 2-4 weeks to get your belongings. Full-service movers often wait to fill their truck with multiple households heading in the same direction, so there may be a delay before your goods hit the road.
  • Transfers. Your belongings may be unloaded and reloaded into different trucks or even a warehouse during the course of your move. Each transfer is an opportunity for damage or loss, so make sure you understand if your belongings will be handled.
  • Weight-based pricing. One of the biggest issues in estimating one-way move rates with a full-service company is that their prices are based on weight. A representative will come to your house and inventory all of your belongings, estimating their weight. You won’t know the final price until everything is loaded and the full truck is weighed.

Compare one-way move rates

The best way to check prices and see which fits in your budget is by comparing moving rates. You can easily check U-Pack prices with a free moving quote. We‘ll automatically give you the best equipment option based on price, convenience and availability(either moving containers or a trailer), but we’re happy to help you decide which works best for you — just give us a call at 800-413-4799 for more information or leave a comment below.